Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the cushion pads filled with?

Our cushion pads are filled with 100% pure duck feathers. These pads are manufactured right here in the UK and the feathers are ethically sourced. Only small, soft white feathers are used which create a soft and light effect.


  • What alternative can I have to the duck feather cushion pad?

We offer an alternative type of cushion pad filled with Hollowfibre. This type of cushion pad is a man made polyester fibre with tiny holes that work by trapping air between the individual fibres, giving it the ability to hold its shape well. This option is ideal for allergy sufferers.


  • What type of fabric is used for the casing of the cushion pads?

Our cushion pads are made with a 100% cambric cotton casing. This fabric prevents the feathers from protruding through the casing and it also restricts mites from entering the pads.


  • How do I keep my cushions nice and fluffy?

Every so often your cushions may become a little flat after prolonged periods of body weight applied onto it. In order to get your cushions back to their plump state, we recommend you giving it a good plump whenever you notice it getting a little lifeless. Some people prefer to plump once a week, some every fortnight, we recommend you use a keen eye to judge when a good plumping is needed. Plump the front and back as well as all sides to regain your large fluffy cushion.

*After being in the postal system, your cushions may arrive a little squashed, we advise that you give them a good plump before use.